2016-2017 Staff

Joey Westhoelter

Staff Writer

Delaney Henderson is a sophomore that attends Festus High School. In her free time she enjoys playing her guitar and several other instruments, plus creating music. She also has a passion for singing. Her favorite color is pink...

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Kiley Latham

Staff Writer

Emily Herbert was born on October 15, in Festus MO. She is the only child of, Sherry and Tim Herbert. During her free time she likes to kickback and relax while watching t.v. or listening to music. Her favorite type of music is...

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Hannah Jones

Staff Writer

Amie Martin is a student at Festus High School. She was born on July, 17, 2000 and raised by Jamie and Joe. Amy also has three older sisters named Morgan, Shannon, and Janene. Although she hates going to school, English is her...

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Delaney Henderson

Staff Writer

Joey Westhoelter is a free spirited 17-year-old individual who goes to Festus High School. He enjoys skateboarding wherever and whenever he can, and likes to work at his swag job at Imo’s. Joey plans on living the school life...

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Devin Henson


Devin Henson, who moved to Festus his eighth grade year, is now a freshman(9th grade) and is also in the Online Magazine class at Festus High School. Henson has recently played baseball for outside of school teams for eight years...

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Ethan Wright

Editor in Chief

Ethan Wright is 17 years old and attends Festus High School as a senior. His favorite class is Psychology. His loves all kinds of music but does not listen to country, his favorite music artist is NF. Ethan’s favorite movie...

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Amie Martin

Staff Writer

Hannah Jones, a junior at Festus High, was born on January 4, 1999, raised by her mother Nancy, father Bobby, and her stepmom Tammy. She has three sisters Cindel, Stephanie, Michelle, and a brother Shane, and a Labradoodle named ...

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