New Years Resolution: Worthwhile or Pointless

Madi House, Staff Writer

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Teenagers tend to react to New Year’s resolutions in one of these four ways: they come up with goals and stick to them, create goals but end up quitting soon after, believe resolutions are worthwhile but do not make one, or do not care about resolutions in the least and do not create a goal. Some people strongly believe in resolutions while others find them pointless.

New Year’s resolutions first began in ancient Rome, where the Roman’s goals consisted of being good to others. As the years have gone by, these resolutions have evolved into a tradition. Every year as January rolls around, people use the holiday to reflect on the previous year and find new ways in which they can improve. Many people, including those in the Festus High School student body, decide to set goals for themselves.

Many times, people choose a very common resolution to follow in the coming year. Two of the most common New Year’s resolutions are eating healthy and exercising. says that one in three people do not keep up with their goals due to being too busy or not being ready to commit to the goal they have set.

“I am just like everybody else. I would love to drop a few pounds and start eating right each year,” said school secretary Paula Lassing.

According to a study by, 66 percent of the people who make resolutions at the beginning of January make them about having a healthier lifestyle. This same study states that 73 percent of these people gave up on their resolutions before completing them, most likely meaning they did not follow their goals all year.

While many have the initial intention to accomplish their goals, many teenagers and adults have trouble following through with their decisions. A study by found that only eight percent of people who make a New Year’s resolution are successful. However, some people do stick to their goals and make a point of accomplishing them.

“I think they’re good for some people, but most people don’t really stick to them and it’s just like any other decision they make,” said freshman Gracey Kamer.

For these people who have no trouble making their resolutions and keeping up with them, this New Year’s tradition can be a good idea.

“I think they are a good idea because it can help you accomplish something,” said junior Lily Uding.

For example, when people follow their resolutions, they sometimes tend to impact that person positively.

Lassing said that her resolution has been a positive influence, and, although there are many temptations, she is trying to follow through with her resolution all year.

Even if people have some trouble keeping up with their New Year’s resolutions, they can still be a helpful tool. They can assist people in becoming the best version of themselves.

Lassing said, “I think New Year’s resolutions are completely worthwhile because I think it makes us focus in on what’s important in our life and how to make our life better and make it better for other people for a longer time.”

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New Years Resolution: Worthwhile or Pointless