Feminism vs Meninism

Kimberly Wilkins

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“Oh, here comes a feminist.” This is a common expression used when someone hears feministic opinions.

Many people believe feminism is belittling men, but some people also believe it is good for society. Feminism is a belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, definition by Webster. But what is meninism? Meninism is a newer form of feminism but for, you know, men. It came about when new ideas and topics came about in feminism.

“The idea of meninism formed from social media,” said Festus High School teacher Travis Cearley. “It’s used for poking fun at feminist ideas.”

Meninism, by definition, is both men sharing jokes and expressing the difficulties of being a man in the 21st century according to Erhsraider.org

“Feminism is historically important, but it seems outdated,” said Cearley, “Women have rights and opportunities now, why is there a problem?”

Without feminism, women would not be able to vote or work. Women protested and fought for their rights and won them. Around 1960, a feminist movement started in which women fought for equal pay and shorter work hours. After they succeeded, some people still did not think women had enough equality.

“I would like to see myself as a humanist,” said  English teacher Ashley Van Bibber, “Men and women should be treated similar in situations, yet different in others.”

The reasons for some people opposing feminism could include the opinion that it is not needed or the feeling of “unfairness” between the genders.

Reasons for feminism include: women wanting equal pay, wanting to not be treated as an object or harassed by men, the option of clinics, and pregnancy options and support.

“Neither [feminism or meninism] should exist,” said junior Brittany Jones. “Both genders should just be equal, no matter what.”

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Feminism vs Meninism