Bringing back Tupac

Hannah Jones, Staff Writer

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Famous hip hop album by Tupac Shakur, Me Against the World, was released March 14, 1995, taking the world by storm.Tupac inserted a lot of passion into the album during its creation. From resentment to satisfaction, his audiences will hear all sorts of different tones and memorable lyrics.   

The track, “ Dear Mama,” was the most listened song on the album. Many people have different aspects relatable of this track. For myself, “ Dear Mama,” references the mistakes he made growing up, but now realizes the effect it had on his mom. In an attempt to make amends and show his appreciation for her, he turns his feelings into a song. A lot of the tracks on the album have a similar message that, “Dear Mama,” has. He sinks into the depth of his feelings.

Another significant song on the album is “Me Against the World.” This song reveals troubles in the world he faces. His outlook changes on the fact that he needs to focus on himself and face the world on his own.

“So Many Tears,” is a substantial and popular song on the album. This song talks about how it is okay to cry no matter what gender you are and to forget the stereotypes society has placed because everyone faces hardships.

Although Tupac’s album is mostly about how he faces the world and the problems he overcame, he also has songs that relate to modern hip hop; for instance, “ Can U Get Away.” In this song, Tupac raps about how he wants a girl that is in a relationship, and he thinks he can treat her better.

On December 6th, 1995, the famous hip hop album received a certified double platinum, and by 2011 sold over three and a half million copies, for its intriguing story telling and powerful messages.      


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Bringing back Tupac