Writers Face Off: Colin Kaepernick

It Will Never End; It is in Our History

Abby Kausler, Staff Writer

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Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem at a NFL game he was playing in. Kaepernick told the press that he kneeled during the National Anthem because he would not honor a country that oppress black people and other people of color. The National Anthem is how us as Americans got to where we are today. Without fighting for our country we would not have any freedoms. Racism is never going to disappear. The world is not always nice. There are reasons why every race is who they are and how they act. You can not change any of our back ground. An example is the “Black Lives Matter” protest. These peaceful protest were an aftermath of a shooting that happened when George Zimmerman was acquitted for the shooting and death of Trayvon Martin in 2013. After that incident people who were protesting peacefully went into rage.
Kaepernick wants racism to end. Racism is in our history. It is traced back 1896 when the Supreme Court sanctioned legal separation of blacks and whites. Yes, that ruling was overturned in 1954 but that never stopped people from being racist. In 2001 the Twin Towers were stuck down with planes that killed thousands of people. After that the US started to take precautionary measures toward Muslims. I do not think that Kaepernick is seeing the huge picture. Yes, everyone wants racism to end but for that to happen the US has to be able to agree on one thing which almost never happens. He wants the one thing that will be the hardest to end. Kaepernick loves his country but kneeling at the one time that all of Americans can stand in unison and honor our country even if life sucks to some people, we would not have freedom if it was not for our men and women that served this country. How is racism the biggest issue in the US? There are millions of people who do not have anything at all, no home, no food, no clothing except what they are wearing, and most of that clothing is worn out or torn up so bad that they would not even consider it clothing.
Kaepernick’s protest has traveled from state to state. High school football teams have people on them that are taking part in this worldwide protest. I understand wanting racism to end, but not honoring the National Anthem is showing that racism is more important than our freedom. I think that if you want to protest about something like that then do it at some other place and other time. There is no need to not honor the country that has gotten us, all of us, where we are. You are more than welcome to protest about anything in the world even if it is not very big it is still allowed. Kaepernick is an amazing quarterback and amazing person but I do not think that kneeling during the National Anthem is right, at all.

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Writers Face Off: Colin Kaepernick